Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 Season Starts on the Podium

The 2010 season started off Saturday March 6th at the Frigid Infliction. This year's venue was the Little River Recreational Area outside of Waterbury, VT.
Teams were treated to a nasty forray of steep climbs and gnarly descents on skis as late morning temps cooked us in our ski pants. Another 40(+) Fahrenheit day dried out a lot of racers and hydration was key. The race started with the post-hole section, but it turned out to be a run on crusty icy snow with our packs. This lead to some quick times at a blistering pace. The second stage was climbing, climbing and then some more climbing to get on a ridge and clear 3 CPs and then pick up a bonus while we were there. We transitioned into skis less than 1/2 hour back from the top 2 teams and only had 2 hours to get to the tyrolean and beat the 12:00 cut off for the additional time bonus. We made the tyrolean but couldn't get the bonus CP. We came into the tyrolean 13 minutes behind 2nd place and waited 19 minutes to get our skis...poop. The final 1:35 hours was spent trying to get back to the hotel to the finish on a difficult nav section which had teams all over the place. We finished in a respectable 3rd place thanks to Ernie and Ben pulling my butt through the woods for 9:15 hours.
This is why we race...Why?